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"Digital Waves is a financial service provider and 
investment manager for the future economy."

We focus on securitizing innovative assets through various investment products and offering asset management services.

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The makings of Carbon Markets: Assessing the evolution of carbon credits as an asset class

Learn about the carbon markets, a crucial tool for the transition to carbon-neutral economies that is increasingly bringing a new asset class to spotlight: Carbon Credits.
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A new era for asset managers in Switzerland

Read about the new FINMA license for Swiss portfolio managers and the importance of the choice of service providers.
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Invest in the future of the digital economy

A Disruptive Tech Portfolio Certificate (AMC) securitizes a selection of top-tier global early-stage companies leveraging AI, big data or the Internet of Things across industries. Direct access and comprehensive insight into the companies are ensured, they are constantly monitored by our teams, and investor rights are exercised in a meaningful way. 

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The case for alternative and innovative assets

Read about trends that are reshaping asset allocation. Learn about alternative assets, their common characteristics, and why they are a good addition to any portfolio.
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Digital Waves

Digital Waves is a privately owned financial intermediary and asset manager based in Switzerland. Our vision is to make innovative assets bankable and provide our clients with a gateway to invest in the future economy.  
We do this by securitizing alternative and unique assets, from equities of disruptive startups to the latest ESG-related projects, for example through actively managed certificates (AMC). Beyond that, we provide modern asset management services.  

We offer our services in partnerships with best-in-class players, including a renowned private bank, a Swiss securitization specialist, fund providers, paying agents and partners like venture capital specialist from the Silicon Valley. 

Digital Waves is regulated by the VQF (regulatory body recognized by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA).  

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Digital Waves' Services

Rooted in the Swiss banking tradition and at home in the global fintech ecosystems, Digital Waves offers the following constantly evolving range of services:
Structuring of Investment Products: Digital Waves enables to securitise a wide range of assets, from start-up equity to DeFi tokens to real estate financing. Digital Waves advises on the investment strategy, provides a set-up for a product structure and paying agent, and supports the marketing and distribution of the investment product.


Asset Management: Digital Waves can advise or discretionarily manage investment portfolios according to individual investment objectives or by constructing model portfolios. For this purpose, Digital Waves brings relevant expertise, particularly in relation to alternative and innovative asset classes. 


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Who is Digital Waves for

Digital Waves serves clients to capitalise on the value creation of the future economy.
Individual Investors, who want to invest in new asset classes for portfolio diversification and are looking for attractive and novel investment assets and strategies for this purpose, such clients are typically qualified investors.

Family Offices and Asset Managers, who are interested in developing new investment opportunities for their clients through an alternative investment model portfolio or in securitising assets or their own investment strategies. 


Private Banks, that aim to meet their customers' growing demand for digital assets and participate in the future of the digital economy.

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